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Mr. Line Chisel


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The line chisel is a precision cutting tool dedicated for chiseling lines.
Since the cutting edge is convex, this can be used to chisel easily to make thin grooves with uniform width.
The product is adequate for line chiseling on vehicles, aircraft, and deck of ship.
Since the blade is detachable, it can be replaced, according to the application, with a different sized one that is sold separately.
In the main body, a general-purpose 0.3 mm blade is included.
Method of use
The cutting edge is attached to the other side of the flat surface of grip.
Put the blade against the part to be carved at a right angle and pull to your side to carve.
Adjust the depth of groove to be carved by controlling the force to put the blade.
Viewing from the side, the adequate angle between the surface of part and the grip is 45 to 60 degrees.


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