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      LIJA FLEXIBLE AL AGUA 2400 Y 4000

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      Lapros was originally developed for use in aircraft maintenance. It was mainly used for the final finishing and polishing of passenger windows on commercial aircraft.


      The LAPROS polishers are designed to provide a uniform and consistent finish with no deep scratches.

      The structure is the same as that of the abrasive paper, but the base treatment and the synthetic resin are made of a particularly soft cushioning material, which makes it softer against the abrasive.

      The flexibility of the product makes it easy to adapt to the complex shapes of three-dimensional objects, resulting in a fine, clean finish.

      It can be used to remove scratches from plastic, metal and painted surfaces.

      It can be used for both dry and wet polishing.

      Structure and function

      Made from a flexible base material and synthetic resin.

      The abrasive is evenly dispersed in the binder and coated.

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      3 Items

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      LIJA FLEXIBLE AL AGUA 2400 Y 4000

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